Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nose Meets Gate, Gate Wins.

Ok, after a thrilling afternoon chasing cows for bull banding calves on a UTV the fun had to end. I broke the golden rule of cow herding, getting off my "horse". I got out the UTV to close the cow herd up in a smaller pen. The lead cow gave me a look at came at the gate. POW, I saw stars and felt wet on my face. I ran back to the vehicle and looked down and saw red. I saw the cows we caught run out of the pen as I felt the blood pool on my shirt. I was so mad at myself for getting hurt and losing the cows. But I was near help and they all came a running. My three cowboys took me home, got me off to the ER and took care of my livestock while I was away. The pain came in waves in the waiting room. But the local ER staff was great. I got x-rays and yup, my nose was broken through the top of my nose. My face swelled like a balloon and I had blood coming out of holes on my face and back of my throat. My husband stayed with me while we waited for the Doctor. He cleaned me up and said I need to see and ENT in a few days to fix my nose. The key is after the swelling goes down, then they can set my nose. So I look like a car crash and feel like a calf is lodged in my nose. I will live - but man it hurts.
And I have to sleep on my back.
This is my first time having a broken nose. Would I do it all over again - the cow herding, YES, except for the nose part. Herding cows was a blast on the UTV. And a cow can outrun those things, too. I learned a lot about cow herding. And I have a new appreciation for these cowboys who do this for a living.

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