Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maple Update

Here is Maple our almost 2 year old Fox trotter filly. Not in the best pose for her. Alan had spent an hour trying to catch her in the dry lot so we could medicate her leg puncture. He is good at "out-stubborning" the horses. Never give up, never surrender. Maple likes to stay with the herd if there is no grain to be had. Somehow Maple had gotten a puncture in her upper foreleg last week. Her leg swelled and we called the vet. Horses tend to heal well in the wild on their own. But we wanted the best treatment possible for her as she is normally a good filly. After the capture, he walked her around and found the only patch of live green grass on our farm. Maple enjoyed the sweet green grass and the attention. Maple and her half brother Bean will be going to the trainer in August if they are big enough. 

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