Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday Trail Ride

 My husband got to ride our young gelding, Bean, home on Friday. Our trainer and his wife rode to our farm from their place. Alan rode Bean for the first time. Bean will be my horse as he is very short. But he is still a bit behind developmentally and will need a tune up again in March. After I heal from my surgery I can ride Bean for short rides. Bean is only 2 years old and still has some growing to do. It is too hard for young horses bodies to be ridden too soon for too long. This time next year Bean should be bigger and stronger as a 3.5 year old.

Alan and Bean on the left, Osa and Shorty the dogs, Dicky and Malinda on the right

Shorty in the lead down our driveway.

Dicky ties up Moose, a green 7 year old horse, to our tree after he broke his lead rope. Moose ran free for a bit to go and visit my mares. Moose is a 16+ hand Fox Trotter gelding in training.

Alan helps get the lead rope off the tree.

After a coffee and soup break our trail rider friends head back home before dark.

Heading home following the sun.

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