Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Hysterectomy

Last week I had a hysterectomy. It all started 10 years ago when I could not get pregnant. I was tested, husband was tested, I had fibroids, but was told over and over again, "that should have no effect on getting pregnant". Move ahead 11 years, no kids, several OBGYN and fertility idiots and I was having heavy bleeding. I told my husband and he told me to see my doctor, the results, my organs were all in the wrong place, my bladder dropped and I have a several very large fibroids.
I got scoped and was told I have to have a hysterectomy. My uterus was fibroid filled and I had a big one, called Hedgehog, causing major problems.
My insurance allowed me to find a hospital in network, I picked a very new and highly trained Woman's Hospital of Baton Rouge in the use of Laproscopic surgery using the Da Vinci robot. It means less cutting, easier and quicker recovery.
I was major scared but my husband stuck with me for this major surgery. It should have taken the surgeons 4 hours to cut out my uterus and hedghogs/fibroids, it took half that time. The team was able to push the fibroid though vaginally after the uterus was removed. No cuts, small holes from the scopes and I gave birth to a calcified hedghog. I got to keep my ovaries as party favors. I was up and walking after a few hours and went home after a day. I have pains from gas and organs moving around, but I can get things done. I nap a lot as I have low energy for now. I am restricted to 10 pounds lifting weight, so I just kick the cats around when I need them to move. My husband does the farm chores and I just watch the animals push him around. Especially the poultry, they have seen "The Birds", and they have ideas.

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