Monday, February 4, 2013

Zilla in February

This is Zilla my young German Shepherd. She is not a year yet and is almost 100 lbs. Her parents were well over 100 lbs. She has been a great guard dog for the farm after a bit of training.

Waiting for orders.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful girl! We have a black and silver GSD too, but he is now almost silver, because of his age. They are such good dogs!

    1. Yes, they truly are. We have been lucky to find a good breeder and no hip problems in the ancestors.Good breeding makes great long lived dogs that are smart and can work.Zilla is from a litter of 12. She was the female alpha of the litter that I hand picked. Her parents are very large (around 200lb male) GSD's.If you need a farm dog these are the best.