Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colorful Clematis in the garden

 With all the rain we have has my plants are blooming like mad. My three clematis are blooming big vibrant blossoms  They almost look artificial. 
Candy cane

Violet and fuchsia mixed together.

Here is one of my veggie gardens. The yellow collards are going to seed after a long winter. My iris are blooming well along side the strawberries and the broccoli. The basil and the mint are in a race. My tomatoes are slow coming up. But the peas are very happy with the cool nights. Some days are hot and humid and some days damp and rainy, but still weeding has to happen. The straw cuts down on my weeding chores. The straw also makes for happy spiders and snakes in the garden. They visit my garden waiting for a snack during weeding time.

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