Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fixing A Wounded Wedding Ring Quilt

 I was asked if I could fix a vintage hand quilted wedding ring quilt. The quilt was sewn in the 1980's using poly/cotton blend fabrics and washed and dried multiple times before I got it. The problem was that several pieces were threadbare.

Some parts were missing. Some fabric just needed stabilizer added to save the original fabric.
Worn pieces were lifted, stabilized and resewn in place.

I traced each piece and hand appliqued over the original piece, preserving the original work.

Hand quilting each new replacement.

My handmade puzzle pieces.

Sewn and ready to live a bit longer.

Quilt in progress. I used safety pins to mark the places needing repairs. It was over 100 tiny pieces and took 2 solid weeks to fix. The finished quilt was given as a wedding present from a mother-in-law to the bride.

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  1. Oh, and beautiful work/job! It looks brand new!