Friday, October 25, 2013

Walnuty 'o Plenty

Last week a friends son asked if he could come over and collect black walnuts from our farm. It was a great idea as I just trip over them and they just rot on the ground. He gets paid per 100 lbs enough for gas money. So off we went to collect the nuts.

He was able to get an almost full pick bed full.

The best tool ever for picking up nuts . No bending and no stooping. This tool was fun to roll along the ground as well. Until you hit a rock or a dog pile. Had to be vigilant.

Unloading the UTV  and filling up the pick up. Our UTV has a dump bed for just this kind of farm chore. This year was a great year for walnuts. Plus our friend's son got permission to pick up on the neighboring farms as well. It was a worth while trip for everyone. Fun way to spend a Saturday in the fall.

1 comment:

  1. I had the use of a walnut wizard last year, but I'm picking them up the "old way" this year, UGH.