Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fostering Kittens in June

I got a call from the animals shelter asking if I could bottle feed and foster 5 kittens.  The mother cat was killed from a snake bite.There are not many volunteers are available to bottle feed kittens in our rural area. So we drove out and picked them up from the shelter. They were hungry and cold but feisty. We got the bottles and the KMR Kitten formula mix and got busy. Our shelter pays for all expenses raising these kittens to adoptable age and they find new homes for them.

This one is a tiny runt that was rough shape. But it is eating and keeping up with its litter mates. Fostering means lots feedings, cleaning up messes, towels to wash, heating pads and kitten wrangling. But the rewards are raising them to become healthy adoptable companions, playmates and rodent control.

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