Monday, August 4, 2014

Ragdoll Foster Kittens

I have been fostering several kittens since June. These 2 female Ragdolls were a recent addition about 4 weeks ago. They are almost of age to be adopted out of Texas County Animal Shelter in Houston, Missouri. 

This is a mitten ragdoll.

Two sisters

Deep blue eyes with a dot on the nose and 4 white feet.

This is a lynx ragdoll. Her stripes are getting darker while her silver points are highlighted.

Both kittens hear just fine. The blue eyes are a ragdoll feature.

Deep blue eyes.
Both girls are long haired and very fluffy. Both are eating dry cat food and are litter box trained. They will be up for adoption by the end of August at Texas County Animal Shelter.

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  1. These two kittens will melt your heart in seconds. They are soft fluffy and fun to be with. They will make a great addition to a lucky family!