Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mild January

This January has been mild in the winter weather here. But I am thankful for the break. My husband and I shared a severe cold for 14 days. Farm life and illness are a whole special kind of endurance test. We kept away from other people, but still had to feed and care for our livestock.There were a few times I went back to bed after feeding the farm. 

Light snow

Snow in the morning

No snow by the end of the day.
While dealing with the cold and farm life my hen hatched 7 chicks from 6 eggs. Yep, there was a big egg in the bunch and I have twins. All have survived and thrived since Christmas. I hope they are all hens. I could really use some hens since I lost 3 to illness/cold. I hope winter says mild and the pasture grows thick and green this spring.

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