Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Game Day Out

My experiment worked a bit too well. I bought 4 game hens and let them go with the flock. Two of the hens went broody and hatched one day apart. One hen had five chicks and the other six chicks. The problem is that Game hens are tough moms. They attack anything that comes near their chicks, dogs, cats, other broody poultry. This is a good trait for good mothers that can raise their own chicks. This is something bred out of most most chickens. These chicks are half Game hen and half Americana since that is their rooster. Also, they hatched far away from the coop in the hay loft where other hens could not put their eggs. Now I wait to see if they grow up to be fighting roosters or good broody hens.

The black chick on the far right got stomped on my a duck. But even on one leg it keeps up with its family. 

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