Sunday, May 10, 2015

Technology Sunday

Here is young Joshua early Sunday morning playing his games. I like the photo in that its calm and quiet, the room is dim, he sits in a handmade rocker and wool quilt, next to the pile of luggage bound for Africa. Yet, he sits quietly focused on his computer game. Past, present and future.

Here is the Sunday reality. It is eight a.m. and I am feeding the rabbits, guests are finished with breakfast, the farm animals are fed, we are dressed for church, the computers are being consulted. The sun is finally out and the light of the new day shines through the windows. There is a pile of food headed out the door for travelers, empty boxes shed for weight and veggie snacks for healthy grazing. 

These are my friends Doug, Joshua, and Tamara next to the van belonging to another friend the Jeff, who is working on our roof this week.

I love the bright red van next to the bright colors of the African fabrics they are wearing. Very bright and happy photo of friends.

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