Thursday, June 11, 2015

Goodbye and Hello in St. Louis

We said goodbye to our friends as they get ready to go back to Tanzania for 3 more years. It was a nice visit and we learned a lot about missionary work in Africa. We were given a ton of donated items from our church for their return trip. Seeds, medical supplies,books, shoes and more are packed and ready for the long journey home. We said goodbye in St.Louis and then headed out to explore.

We went to the City Museum in St. Louis. It is a boring name for a far our fun place.You can crawl, swing, climb and touch the stuff at this place. It is for all ages. This is just the floor.

Bank vault

Carved stonework of St. George that you can touch. Great for blind people.

You can touch this too.

The stained glass is wonderful.

There are robots and neon.

This is for climbing. There are cages, ladders, stairs,caves and slides everywhere.

You can touch the sculptures!

Another wonderful floor.

The rooftop ferris wheel.

Sculptures everywhere.

More slides

More stuff you can touch

The ultimate jungle gym for all ages.

Donated iron and stone waiting to be used, always building.

Yes, you can go in this bus, I did.

And there are more bugs. Just a fun place to go. Here is the link:City Museum 

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