Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hippitus Hoppitus

This week my dog brought me this tasty rabbit nugget. I get these rabbits babies once in a while from my barn cat and in worse shape. I told my dog to drop it and I looked it over, it was unharmed. I looked all over for the nest and old warrens but no sign of a doe nor nest. So with slim chances I brought it in and hit the web for info about care and feeding. After some trial and errors we got him to eat. I still give it low chances, but so far so good. KMR, probiotic and a heating pad and quiet room/cage are working well for this wild creature. Oh and they can jump far and fast so we keep it on the ground for all feedings. He will be set free once he is eating greens and off the KMR. Wild rabbits are very different from domesticated ones. Luckily, we have a lot of experience raising rabbits and we have the time to care for it.

This is a monster mega Rouen duck egg. These ducks lay big eggs but this is a really big one.

Here is the egg in a jumbo carton with jumbo chicken eggs. I can't even get the egg partition to close in the fridge.

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