Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Buzz

After a lot of talk and study we decided I should get into raising bees. We have talked about it for 2+ years and put it off for various reasons. I have a full plate this time of the year with spring, planting, poultry and my own pursuits, sewing. But my husband and I went to a free bee class held by the local feed store. I like bugs, playing with bugs, talking to other people about bugs so my husband thinks this can work. I was a bit daunted by the equipment and cost. But starting up any new business cost.
After the class I decided no way. No one around us raises bees, I have no help no teacher. But that never stopped us before.  We talked to several bee people who love raising their bees after the class. They came to the class for the discount and free stuff. Bee people are thrifty.
I have no idea if my husband or I am allergic to bee stings. That should be fun, too.
But either way my 2 queens and their gang will be here in May. So we have to hives and supers coming, I have painting to do and plans to make. I have a long list of people wanting honey that is not even made yet. Turns out a lot of Ozark people miss bees and honey. About 20 years ago everyone had bees here, like chickens. But then people started spraying their crops and the bees died off. No one wanted the hassle of hive keeping after that. 
But if this bee thing works for us then it might become a fun thing to bring some income to the farm. The main reason we are doing it is for the pollination. My flowers and veggies need pollination. The honey is just a bonus. 

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