Friday, April 29, 2011

Mole Teeth

Yesterday my cat and dog we digging up the lawn. I went to see what was so interesting. It was a huge hole with a huge mole fighting both of them. This mole was fast, fat and feisty. We have a mole problem out here so I wanted to see what a big one looked like. The dog and cat pulled out a huge 1/2 lb mole. I put it in a bucket next to a cat food can. The mole was chirping and digging at the bucket. My husband took it outside for a photo session. I included the blurry one to show how fast the mole moved in his glove. It had large teeth which it used on the gloves several times. I now have a new respect for these creatures. We took this one to an unused field away from the house. We watched it dig into the rocky soil faster than I could dig with a spade.

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