Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mg, Ca and Fe, Oh my!

It has been raining here for almost a solid month in the Ozarks. We needed the rain after the dry summer last year. But this had me doing heavy wet chores outside and I got worn out, crampy and partially deaf. I took aspirin and it did nothing. So my husband took me to our small town doctors office. Turns out our well water is high in Ca but low in Mg. I drink only tea and coffee from our well water. Low Mg in the water causes fatigue and cramping. My husband drinks store bought drinks like OJ, milk and soda so he was not affected. I was drinking to city water before this and not used to well water.

Next my blood level was low and I needed a blood count. The Dr said I can't give blood anymore. I need Fe to boost my blood. Low Mg can starve the blood of O2.
Next my loss of hearing was caused by sinus problems. There was scaring and signs of problems in my ear tubes; a vacuum had been created and sounds were not getting through. I was given a steroidal nasal spray to clear my sinus. If that does not work I will have to see a specialist.

So after a trip to the doctor I am feeling better, no more cramps nor migraines. And the sun came out and I can get my muddy chores done without pain. Guess I needed a 10k mile checkup after all.

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