Saturday, July 30, 2011

All My Hay Men in a Row

How many men does it take to unload 28 round bales of hay? How many tractors? For us it took 3 men and 3 tractors, 1 house trailer and 1 F-350. We picked up our bales from the hay farmer in the morning. He loaded up the bales with his green John Deere. We hauled the hay to our farm 4 bales at a time on the borrowed house trailer. Then we needed to remove the bales from the trailer bed using a friends tractor with the best 3 spike loader. My husband finished the job with the 3 spike borrowed tractor. We drove back and forth 7 times to collect all the bales about 1.5 miles away from our farm. Today we used our tractor to organize the 28 bales on wood pallets. Our tractor is not fitted up to lift bales off a trailer, yet. We drank about 5 gallons of iced tea doing all this on a hot July day. With the lack of rain we might not be able to get this much hay again before winter comes. And we have to feed 4 horses over winter. Being an observer/photographer to all these machines, men and hay can make a farm girl feel like a queen for a day.

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