Sunday, July 31, 2011

Century Link- Coyote Stupid

Congratulations Century Link, you get awarded my prized Coyote Stupid Award.
I read a blog about how in Vermont they are getting fiber optic high speed Internet in very rural areas. They are using horses to pull the cable along the power poles. Here in Missouri we have horses, hills and power poles, but we also have Century Link. They have one man to install DSL for the town of Summersville, MO. Right, one guy! And that is his second job!
We called Century Link to ask if we will ever get DSL, they have no ideas. We offered to pay Century Link to install DSL at our farm, they laughed at us and said they don't do that.
I called the head of sales and he said there are not enough people on my street to make the Internet worth any money to them, nice huh? Am I living in a cave?
Basically Century Link is doing a great big nothing for the Ozarks of rural Missouri. They are keeping Missouri residents in the stone ages keeping us from having what the rest of the USA has, high speed Internet. All our Federal Government will do is just give Century Link more money. And Century Link will just buy up other phone/Internet companies and keep being the big fat MONOPOLY it is.
They did it to Show Me Power, a company that tried to get fiber optic to the small rural towns. Century Link lowered their price for Internet until Show Me Power could not make any more sales. Then after Show Me Power went belly up, Century Link stopped adding any more fiber and sat on the money.
So thank you Century Link for keep us in the dark ages. Thanks for giving the rest of our state that wholesome hillbilly backwoods backwards profile we love. Thanks Century Link for holding back sales, deliveries, movies, realty, e-mail and all other forms of Internet commerce the rest of the US uses. I am so damn proud of how you are keeping Missouri behind, I could just scream.

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