Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Damn Hot

It is way too hot here in the Ozarks. The grasshoppers are baking on my deck, the horses are melting and the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs. I put out 2 loaves of bread to rise on the deck and they were cooking instead! It was 105 out here and that is too hot. Everything is dry. Wildlife is coming to drink out of my horse water tanks. I can barely keep stuff watered. We need rain badly out here. This is way not normal for this area. And now it is August the hottest month normally. We are praying for a good rain in church. It has been like this for the last 3 weeks and that is not normal. I get my outside chores done before 10am and stay inside until dusk for feedings. Lets hope cool fronts come soon and bring rain for all our trees, plants and animals.

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