Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saving Baby Birds

Late summer and storms bring a lot of bird nests down around our farm. Recently our tabby upended a nest and scattered the chicks. So in the dark of night I gathered them and put them in a nest of shavings and hay and placed baby birds and in a plastic gourd with 2 sized openings. I hung the nest high in a spruce where I heard the parents birds chirping for their chicks. I made sure both holes were open for the parent birds to get in. Most plastic gourd openings are for slimmer martin type birds and my chicks were a larger breed. The next day I observed the parents taking turns feeding the chicks in their new gourd. Nature finds a way to take care of itself. And chicks have a better chance of making it if the parents raise them. Birds do not care about if your scent on the chicks, if they can hear a chick they will seek it out and feed it. The main concern is timing, get those chicks outside next to the parents as soon as possible. Otherwise the parents will begin a new nest/brood. Hand raising baby chicks (or wild animal babies) is a messy full time job and ends in the death of the animal most times.

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