Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I Love Machines?

I had forgotten how much I love to work on machines. But new neighbors moved next door and I felt that old familiar thrill of the old machine. He works on cars and makes them purr. As a child my grandfather put me on the engine of a 1965 Ford Galaxie and showed me how to fix her. He told me one day she would be mine. That Ford was my first love. But moving around the country and youth separated me from her and I have always been looking for her big chrome grin and teal body. So I have moved to farm tractors, wow what wonderful creations. They work, rust and fall apart but they will always be waiting for you to get them going again. They do not judge, do not have loyalties, do not gossip and won't hurt you on purpose. You can paint them any color and add what you want to them. They will perform as hard as you make them. Machines like tractors and cars are so much better than a Barbie doll for me. Give me grease, chrome, oil and gas and find me in the garage. A machine can't hug you but it can purr for you! Long live the machines.

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