Monday, July 18, 2011

Blackberry Me

We finally had a huge harvest of blackberries all around our farm. It was so worth putting on layers of jeans and long sleeves, gloves and boots to collect these sweet berries. I got all set up and spent the day in my kitchen with my harvest. I got a rolling boil, hot jars and lids all ready. I pulped and screened out the seeds and got the berries boiling in pectin and sugar. What a pretty purple color it made. After the rolling boil I poured in all my juice and capped the jars then a hot bath for 10 minutes. The results was 8 jars of Blackberry syrup. I did not boil long enough and shorted the sugar, ending in a syrup. But friends all were all happy to take home a jar of my home grown and handmade blackberry syrup. Next year I will jam better for my berries. Now on to corn!

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