Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Matters

We watched the DVD, Food Matters, a documentary about cancer and foods that heal. While I disagree about some of the "detoxifying procedures" they mention. I do agree with the superfoods and vitamins they recommend we add to our diet. They are strong advocates for eating raw foods and I could not agree more. Since I started more eating salads, green smoothies, sprouts and live foods; I have more energy. Fresh foods that I grow or buy Organic are the key. They are full of minerals your body needs to heal itself. I wanted to get the word out about nutrition and your health. Instead of doctors and Rx's you can eat to your health. I know several people who are going though cancer. Yet their doctors never talk about nutrition. These cancer patients eat jello, pudding and bread in the hospital, no wonder they feel bad. They need high quality nutrition and vitamins and not filler foods. This DVD is worth taking the time to watch and learn from. And pass along to your loved ones who might want to improve their health. And this good nutrition is a change in your lifestyle as well. I grow sprouts, wash and process veggies. This means I take the time in my kitchen, evaluate my foods and make room for all these fresh foods. I no longer buy packaged nor canned foods, too many chemicals. I can my own foods so I control what goes into them. I am responsible for my health and well being.
If you watch this DVD please read Politically Incorrect Nutrition by Michael Barbee for a sounding board of reason and facts.

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