Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Air

Today was a surprise for me. We all piled into my neighbors truck to go to an auction. But the auction was very crowded and had low quality of goods offered. So we drove to the local hardware store to look for tools. We lucked out and found a lot of stuff on sale including air compressors. I have been wanting an air compressor for ages for rust removal and metal restoration. I look forward to using air tools and sandblasting stuff. The one I wanted was large luckily it did fit in my neighbors truck. He tied it down well and we drove the half hour home. Then he unloaded and moved it for us into our shop with his tractor. The last shot is of my neighbors tractor. He just put together an enclosed cab to his tractor. He will be warm and dry this winter. It is great having helpful neighbors out on the farm.

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