Friday, September 9, 2011

Wood Stove Mambo

We have been looking to replace our useless Mountaineer wood stove that came with our house. It was not made with dampers nor air flow controls of any kind. It burns too much wood and takes an hour to start a fire. So we found a Jotul dealer not far from us. He sells the cast iron Jotul brand of wood stoves. They are well made and have 2 doors for wood loading. We picked it up in our truck and drove it home. We used our tractor to get it off our truck and onto our porch. We then pushed it into the house. It weighs over 400 lbs!
Now we are in the process of having faux stone and cedar put on the fire wall, removing the old stove and installing the new one before the cold comes. All of this takes time along with the farm chores. But using wood heat beats using central hands down. You burn old wood, the ash goes into the garden, the wood heats the house, everyone benefits. Our chickens roll in the wood ash, the garden thrives on the ash, and the old down trees keep us in fueled and warm all winter long. And we get exercise chopping and hauling the wood.

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