Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cedar Dresser Final Saga

It is finally done the cedar dresser we had made. We logged the cedar ourselves, delivered the logs to the local mill, then transported the cut wood to a local Amish craftsman. After almost 6 months we have our huge cedar dresser. It is a feeling that I do not think a modern human has felt in a very long time. Completion - from sweaty start in logging to the final installation. The finished end result that we can enjoy and pass down to the next generation. We saved some trees that needed to be harvested and made quality furniture that will last. I think we honored these trees using them well. It was worth it, the time, energy, sweat and labor to make this dresser. And on the back I wrote down all the names and dates of those who made this dresser possible. And the best part is we kept it all local to our small town. Nothing oversea nor made in China, made in the USA in Missouri, as it should be. And with all the people involved in the making of this dresser, we made friends and learned how other people live and skills they have to share.

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