Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet Tip

Here is our newest horse, Tip at his old home. He is on loan to us from his owner to ride as she does not have time to ride all of her herd. Tip is a gelding Arabian and Appaloosa double registered horse. He is a very sweet tall and broadly built horse. Tip has the shortest Appaloosa tail I have ever seen, but he was born that way. We needed another horse for me to ride along with my husband. We will be taking our Foxtrotter mare, Luna and Tip on trail rides and to pony our young horses. Tip gets shoes on Friday and we hope to ride him in the afternoon.
Today Tip got the freedom to join our herd in our pasture. He is the low man on the totem pole along with the donkey. But he can hold his own getting away from the lead mare.

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