Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Riding Luna

Luna is the only rideable horse we have at the moment. Our 2 year olds are in training for this summer and our other mare is recovering from founder. And Luna is an easy keeper and gains weight fast if not ridden. So my husband rides her when he can. Yesterday at sunset he took around our country roads. She wears an English bridle as it is the only one we can find that fits her small face. She wears the cowboy martingales to keep her from popping her head up. She does this and can hit the rider in the face without them. Luna is very head strong and can get away from the rider. And the halter is still on for when my husband wants to dismount and visit with a neighbor, he can tie her up with the lead rope. Never tie a horse with the bridle and reins like in the cowboy movies. It does not work and the horse can take off and destroy a bridle, which Luna has done. I rode a well trained quarter horse once that would stay in place if you dropped the reins on the ground, Luna is not that horse.

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