Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Pheasants

Here are photos of my first baby ring neck pheasants. My broody hen hatched 3 out in the coop but did not know what to do with them and 1 died under her. I was able to get 4 to hatch in the incubator for a total of 6 chicks out of 36 eggs. What happened, half were not fertilized and the rest developed but the eggs were too dry. I kept it very wet but not consistently enough. Should have wrapped the bottom if the incubator in a plastic bag like the breeder suggested. Lesson learned after 30 egg autopsies. And baby pheasants are noisy and fast moving little critters the size of a half dollar. The older ones are outside in our spare mini coop running around like crazed dust balls. After about 24 hours they can go and not ever stop. It will be easy to set them free in 8 weeks. They are high energy and semi feral like the guineas are. I hope I have different sexes among them to reproduce.

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