Friday, June 22, 2012

Child Buying

A funny thing happened at a garage sale today. My husband and I stopped at a country garage sale in town on a whim. We saw a herd of small kids and mommies, lots of toys and clothes in the garage for sale. My husband found a nice glass mug for a quarter, I did not see anything I wanted. So I paid for the glass mug and one of the women apologized that most of the items had sold out that morning. We smiled and said no problem that is good news. As we were walking out of the garage a grandmother said "sorry, we only have kids for sale, do you want to buy a kid?" with a straight face. I kept on walking, smiled and said "no thanks". But my husband stopped and looked back at the garage then at me and remarked that he was surprised I did not jump on that child buying offer. I said where would we put the child? The car was packed with charcoal and cat food. And clearly these children were not hand raised and were feral at best. We would have to clothe and feed these feral little kids. But no, I have no need to buy a child even at two for one offer. I do not think the woman was serious but she was bogged down with several offspring. And 10 years ago I might have said yes, how much? But I have enough living things at home, and I do not need to add to the flock nor the herd. And it was a Friday sale, I bet by Saturday the kids will be buy three get three free :)

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