Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pain Detective

I have become my own pain manager and detective. Pain started last week in my lower jaw a dull throb that would not go away. It moved up my face and under my eye and ear. The pain was bad, then it got a lot worse. It is like a gremlin moved into my face and began a root canal. So thinking it was tooth related, we drove to see the dentist. After several x-rays and exams by the staff I got a big zero for the cause of my face pain. My teeth are fine and nothing could be seen. I was given antibiotics and pain meds and told to report back mid week. So far the pain is still there and nothing has changed. My doctor is out of town for the next 2 weeks so I have to deal until then. My mom is a nurse and thinks I have trigeminal nerve neuralgia serious stuff I don't want. So what set this pain off? I thought it might stem from my broken nose and sinus pain. Or perhaps hitting my head on the side when getting into the car (the seat was too far back). Either way I can't sleep and eating is excruciating painful. It is not fun to be me. I can get some things done then I have to stop and wait out the pain. At least my garden is thriving in this heat and I can enjoy it.


  1. I am sorry to hear that. I have a terible pain in my shoulder. I wonder if it is from years of quilting. It is awful! i can hardly use my arm. Will be going for laser treatments and chiro.
    I think a torn rotator and other things going on.

  2. I found out the pain might stem from my sinus reacting to the extreme drought we are having in the Ozarks. But the dentist said it might be a root in a back tooth, though my teeth are in great shape after x-ray. However, the pain has slacked off and is duller now. I can live again and catch up on life again. Even if my head was missing, the livestock need to be taken care of :)