Monday, June 4, 2012

A Peace Valley Wedding

This past Saturday my husband and I attended a wedding in Peace Valley, Missouri. The wedding was outdoors and on a friends farm property. The wedding was so unique and special. The fathers of the bride and groom read from the bible and talked about their views on marriage. They were insightful and thought provoking. There was music throughout the event. The bride was calm and the wedding party was genuinely happy. I have attended several weddings and I have to say this was the best one. The inclusion of both families joining together two young lives was so beautiful. The weather and the location all worked well for everyone attending.

Blue Hydrangea in the barn windows

The Bride and her Father. She is wearing fresh flowers.

Children sang songs for the wedding.

The groom kisses the bride. I love how she is watching him.

Husband and wife. I think the dress turned out very well. It was made out of muslin and antique lace.

Together they skipped down the aisle to the barn  for the reception. Even the wedding party skipped after the bride and groom. A very happy event for all.

The barn decked out in lights and lanterns in the final hours before sunset.

The father of the bride brings around the horse and sulky so the couple can depart.

The bride and groom are barefoot and are about to leave the wedding party to begin their new life together.

The sun sets as the feasting ends and the wedding party leaves.

Everyone is relaxed, full and happy to be at such a beautiful place.
It was an honor and a privilege to attend such a unique and beautiful event.

Last glimpse of the sun setting as the moon begins to show.

We were the first to leave the parking at the barn. We got to follow the bride and groom as they trotted home in the horse driven sulky. The photo is blurry since it was shot from the car. It was a nice conclusion to a wonderful ceremony. These families are truly blessed.

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