Thursday, August 2, 2012

Drought Living

So again we have another month beginning with no rain in the Ozarks. I water only my garden and important trees and the livestock. I have no pasture just dry dust for my horses and have to start feeding them my winter hay. But before I begin that, I am feeding them corn stalks from my neighbors cornfield. I cut a truck load and brought it to feed my horses. Next, I will feed them my corn stalks that did not make corn this year. We are pricing hay at $100 a round bale out here in the Ozarks. We need about 30 to make it through the winter. Last year we paid $45 for a round bale. Next I have to grain my horses and chickens. There are no bugs to feed my chickens. Corn and Oats have doubled in price due to demand, shortages and drought. We are lucky to be able to feed our animals, most people are selling their animals for very little. If you can't feed them you have to sell them.
My poor garden as provided me some food to can and save for the winter. My bitter cucumbers are now pickles. I was able to harvest 5 small pumpkins that survived in my neighbors garden. I was hoping for a huge crop, but no amount of watering can save a plant in 100 degrees and no rain for 3 months. I was able to save many tomatoes. And I was able to share them with neighbors who also can. I hope my fall crops get some rain. Living in a drought is very hard when you have livestock that depends on you. Pray for rain and lots of it soon.

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