Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Boer Goats

New female Boer
Two year old Boer billy

 My neighbor and I went to a livestock auction to look at Boer goats. He has three and wants to expand his herd with some billy goats. Even in this heat it as a full house of sellers and buyers for sheep and goats. He got to bid for what he was looking for. He bought two billy goats, a wither (gelded male) and two older does. The billy are adding a lot of entertainment to the herd dynamic. With the billy goats in the herd means the does should give birth around Easter time. Boer goats are a hardy breed that can thrive in drought conditions we are having here. And they can eat just about anything and live off that.
Close up of the older billy

Two new goats, my husband, Opal the donkey and Rick the goat owner.

Four month old billy with the darker brown head.

The older billy

Young billy on the left and young wither on the right are from the same litter.

Older billy never stops moving and eating.

Younger billy is doing his job on the farm, making more goats.

Opal rushes in and breaks up the party.

The group is having fun as one giant herd.

Older billy close up with his auction tags still on.

Older billy, young billy, wither and Foxy Lady a young doe.


  1. Nice looking goats. Can't get over how dry it looks there! We are having rain everyday and things are lush and green. Starting to have some problems with things molding in the garden, however. Maybe you can find hay this way?

  2. I wish you would take full pics of our old place so I can see how it all looks, with the shop, greenhouse, addition and all...and send to me!