Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thinking about Japan

I have been reading a lot of books about Alzheimer's since my mother-in-law is now going through some of the later stages of this disease. I am reading up on Alzheimer to lay down prevention in the future. Along with getting off pills, eating healthy and avoiding processed foods, staying active, the books say to keep your mind active. Crosswords, learning to play a musical instrument and learning a new language can all help to keep the mind sharp. I am currently learning to play several instruments and have stumbled through but am having fun. And I have some knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish and some Japanese. And that's what I have decided I'd like to improve upon, my Japanese. I have never left the country before, but would love to see parts of Japan. After talking to my husband we are researching what would be worth our time to go and see and do in Japan. I love koi, gardens and architecture so those would be of interest. We both like musical things so that would be a thing to go and listen to. We also like some of the foods they eat there. We do not like the big city so we would tour the country sides of Japan. We think it would be worth the effort to go and see what Japan is all about and pick up a new language while we are at it.

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