Friday, August 31, 2012

Trip to Big Spring

My husband and I had to go see the dentist in Van Buren, Missouri for our checkups. After we were finished we drove to nearby Big Springs, Missouri to the state park there. Here is the view from on top a hill, you can see the spring river.

Clear cold spring water from underground.

No swimming in and no walking on the spring water.

Gum trees over the spring

Explanation to why Missouri has such unique water. Our own wells come from a karst on our property. This is why we moved here to Missouri, for clean land and water.

Clean and clear river from the Big Spring into the Current River.
No trash nor pollution in these waterways.
You cannot take a boat nor swim on the spring water, but you can 
once it connects to the Current River.

All this cold water rushing up from the ground.

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