Friday, September 28, 2012

Turtle Wars

This is not the way turtles make baby turtles. The plain green turtle is trapped by the fancy shell turtle.

The light green turtle's foot is inside the mouth of the painted turtle.

You can see he is trapped. I saw these guys in the morning and decided to rescue the trapped one that afternoon. Otherwise both turtles would become a snack for my dogs.

I flipped the bad turtle over hoping it would release its victim, no luck. I had to use the base of my knife safely separate both turtles.The victim lost a toe in the battle but escaped. 

You can see the blood from the victim's foot in the upper right of the shell.
I moved the aggressive turtle to the other side of the farm. This was the first time I have seen different type of turtles fighting like this. They usually keep away from each other. All this rain has the turtles on the move getting ready for winter.

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