Friday, September 14, 2012

Cow Control

So if you have a sick cow what do you do to control it for treatment? In the old days you rope it, throw it down and treat it in the field. Farmers use a head gate or whole body squeeze chute. Being new to cow ranching we learned the hard way to move a 1,000 lb sick cow with ropes. Number 96 was led into the stall with grain and then the fun began. She was non compliant to the thermometer in her rear, so restrains were applied, the lariats.

The vet is in the stall and the lariats were pulled to keep her head and legs immobile during the exam. A free cow is a danger to the vet and the stall. Stress being away from the heard for a sick cow can also harm them. She was eventually was pulled straight, medicines were given along with some grain. She was released into the herd after all this drama.

"Look Ma, no upper teeth". This cow is about 6-7 years old as the vet shows us her teeth. The end result from this is the cow survived. She was on a dry lot then moved to a rich green lot and she got fog fever. The high fever can kill a cow quickly if not detected. Her owner caught it in time. 
A used head chute was also purchased to make cow control much easier on the farm from now on. Life on the farm with livestock is always an adventure.

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  1. Very interesting post. I know nothing about cows but agree, life on a farm with livestock is always an adventure!