Monday, December 17, 2012

Spring Plant Planning

I have been taking note of what made it this year and what I want for next year. I will add beans to my expanded garden. Peas, butter beans, snap peas, pole beans are up for space in the garden. Zucchini is now my favorite squash. Easy to grow and several summer meals from just a few plants. They just take up a lot of garden space. Lettuce did well until the heat made it bitter. Tomatoes ruled this year for me. I had a ton. My potatoes and yams took a hit from Mr. Mole, but I still have plenty. Next year I am planing them in cages. My cucumbers did great until the heat got them. This summer might be just as dry and hot as this last one. I will add more heavy mulch and use the shade of the trees if I can. 
This year I will plant Wisteria for my chickens, protecting them from eagles and the sun. I love the smell and the color those vines give. Dahlia's did very well for me, they are a no work flower to have in the garden. I was able to have several bouquets to share in spite of the beetles. Growing plants without pesticides will test your skills and patience in the growing season. But I was happy with this years bounty. I'm looking forward next years garden.

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