Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Cull

The brown turkey I raised and my six extra roosters were culled this week. I now have six chickens and a 15 pound turkey in my freezer.

This heritage turkey was much slower to grow and almost half the weight of the commercial hen I culled in December. However, he was a hen killer and had to go. At least they all had a great life on my farm.

Here are the bad boys from summer hatch.
All were culled for being mean to me or my hens. One was culled for being too old and useless to his hens. And one was just plain mean to everything on the farm. Now I have 4 good healthy roosters and 1 old one that hid during the cull. All the remaining roosters are kind hard working boys of the yard.
I have to say that my turkeys noticed one of their kind was missing. The turkey hen tried to run away and join some wild turkeys. And the remaining Grey Jake was depressed all day and quit gobbling. Next time I will cull buddies at the same time. It will be less stressful for the survivors. 

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