Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hen Horsing Around

I really enjoy having chickens on the farm. They are always up and about on my farm.
Some are bold and fearless followers of where I go and what I do.
They push my shepherds away so they can eat their dog chow.
They get into stock tanks and feed bags all the time.
They crow, cluck and chirp all day long. While the roosters are so pretty the hens are
the real workhorses on my farm.
My snippy and flighty Leghorn born on my farm. Leghorns dress out nice but 
are too much drama in the nest box and in the fields. 

One of my 3 Cuckoo Maran's given as a gift. Great hens that lay all winter and follow me
around like puppies.
Marans, Guineas, and an Buff following me looking for ham bits. I am hoping these Marans will give me better layers when crossed with my English Game Rooster. They are broody, hardy and kind birds to have around.  I enjoy the deep dark brown eggs they give me.

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