Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seeing Lights and Shadows

It has been a difficult week over on the farm. I lost a good hen to a stuck egg vent. I should have treated her but got busy and forgot. So I had to walk her carcass up the hill, into the frozen woods and tie her in a sapling for nature to take care of business. I had to go to a funeral and wish I had more time to talk with friends. My father is having a second surgery after recently having one two weeks ago. The skin on his legs will not heal and the cause is not known. The good news is that I will get to see him in a few weeks. I wish I could bring him my farm eggs and farm veggies, but that is not possible for so long a distance. So I will work with what is available where he lives in the city. The good news is also that spring is around the corner. 
Seeds are waiting to be planted, bulbs ready and flowers coming up. Two chicks hatched on the farm and are inside growing up with humans. Life begins anew and I am looking for the light of spring sunshine. And the shadows of winter will begin to fall behind me.

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