Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short Cold Auction

I went with a horse buddy to our local horse auction in town last Friday. It was very cold and snowy but it is always fun to talk horse. It was the same place I bought my first two pregnant mares three years ago. I have learned a lot since then about buying horses at auction. But it turned out well for our mares and now we have two wonderful young fox trotters to ride.
There were only a handful of horses being auctioned on this night. Only a few were said to be broke to ride. 

This one had a lame back leg but was kind and loved people. She was a big QH mare that
needed some groceries and a bath. Her injury looked recent and was left untreated to be auctioned instead of calling a vet.

This wild grey gelding had a lot of spirit, I am a softy for greys. He looks like my mare. Greys are hard to keep clean and are dirt magnets. 

This mule was very fat with a cresty neck. While rideable I am sure there will be some founder in its future.

This Standardbred mare was once taken care of as she had a short coat for winter. However, she suffered some accident in her left hip causing her to limp badly.
I was able to buy a bridle and a few tack items before the horse part began. I go these auctions to see how other people treat their horses. And I learn to take good care of my horses after seeing how neglect causes such suffering in these beautiful animals. Not all these horses are neglected, some are from broken homes and each has a story when they are at the auction. For my mares their story has a great conclusion, they are in a good home with clean water,green hills and warm hay. They are rideable and useful animals and will have one even after they are no longer useful..

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  1. It hurts me too badly to go to a horse auction. The poor animals, what a fate. Too few have results like your girls.