Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beefalo me now

Last Sunday we were invited to a friends farm to meet his Beefalo. He has a real buffalo that has been bred to an Angus bull creating buffalo hybrids called Beefalo. His livestock is tame and likes to be pet and given snacks. We got to pet a real live buffalo and her offspring.
The buffalo was extremely fast moving for such a large animal. We were quick to get out of her way when she decided it was time to move.

She is chasing the horses away from snack time.The upright tail means she is mad.

Ready for more petting and treats.

Coming around fast for more attention.

The gravy train arrives and they all get a snack.
These hybrids are very hardy and survived the drought last summer and winter with no problems. The Angus the farmer had did not come out of winter as well as these Beefalo. They were ribby and thin. The hybrid meat is very lean and full of flavor. It was very exciting seeing what other farmers raise. Buffalo can never be moved from where they are raised. They will destroy any fence to get back home again by walking in ever widening circles. This buffalo was saved as a baby and raised on this farm. This is her home and she is the queen of the herd.

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