Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maybe Stallion

Here is our trainers Fox Trotter Perlino Stallion. He is a sweet tempered stud and he 
produces buckskin foals.

Showing how he "parks out" for easy mounting.

Riding with just string. I noticed the stallions large hooves, good for trail riding.

Unique eye colors. I am not a fan of the blue eyes, but the foals have dark eyes.

The trainer just hopped up and put the stallion though his gaits. We might breed our Maple, a Fox Trotter to this stallion when she turns three. We are waiting to see if she is a good horse under saddle and worth breeding. Maple's mom was a great safe horse for anyone to ride. This stallion has the qualities I like in the Fox Trotter breed and his foals are very nice and athletic.


  1. And what color is your mare? You will get a buckskin or a palomino, from him!

  2. Or is black, a smokey black!
    Perlinos are wonderful for that dilute color gene.

    The QH breed missed out on a lot of color genes before they accepted this one.

  3. Maple is an olive/dark brown mare with red highlights. I always wanted a buckskin horse but do not need one. There are so many unwanted horses out there. If Maple proves to be as great a horse as her mom was, I might breed her.But Maple has to grow up and prove her worth on the farm.Right now my hands are full training my babies to be useful horses.