Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hoofing It

The other day a friend came by to give a hoof trimming lesson to my neighbor. She raises champion goats and offered to show us how to trim goat hooves. The auction goats had neglected feet and needed serious trimming. They must have been confined for a long time to get at this level of neglect. So after a goat holder was made the trimming lesson began.

The auction goats poor feet. They caused her to walk poorly and not be able to forage since walking hurts.

The hoof wall has folded under the hoof. Careful trimming with very sharp trimmers.

My husband on the left, Cathy and Rick on the right. Goat audience around the show.

Left hoof is after and the right hoof is before.

The goat thinks about all this.

Serious fold over on the second older female goat. After the trimming both goats walked better.

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  1. It is such a simple thing to do for them, I dont understand people.
    A pair of scissors will work!