Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tractor Time

My husband using a neighbors tractor to unload delivered round bales to our farm. He got a tractor lesson and was set lose upon the bales. Got all 20+ bales offloaded in 30 minutes.
The bales are the size of the tractor cab.
Our  tractor is too small to off load from a double stacked flatbed trailer. The giant John Deere can do the job easily. It is good to have neighbors who share their toys.
Getting ready to load a bale into our truck for delivery to the horse trainers place. Since hay is in short supply, our trainer asked for 2 bales along with training fee to saddle break our young horses.
Close up of the cab.
Returning the tractor just down the road a ways from our farm.
Securing the bale to the truck for delivery.

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