Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coffin Finished

I friend asked me to upholster his oak handmade coffin. He bought it with a simple muslin interior and wanted to make it nicer looking. The coffin has been in my care for several months and worked off and on by myself and another crafter. The coffins owner has not been in the best of health and wanted me to finish his handmade coffin. So this week I got it done and he picked it up. We agreed on a trade, chicken food and corn in exchange for materials used. It took almost 4 people to move his empty coffin into his truck. Coffins take up a lot of space in a house. And they are very heavy. After working on this coffin I realized getting cremated is the best way to go. No heavy lifting of a big box and no big hole in the ground. And as ashes my remains can be spread upon a rose bush doing some good for the plant.

Ivory satin pillow case, pad and drape sewn and stapled in.

I used saddle pads to protect the coffin and my floor.

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